How to Become a Member

I would like to Join

If you are interested in becoming a Freemason, that’s great news!  You must however meet certain qualifications to be accepted by a Lodge.

What are these Qualifications?

Freemasonry has a philosophy of “Making Good Men Better” and is very proud of this. Only individuals therefore who are believed to be of good character would be considered for membership.  In addition to this, an applicant must be male, over the age of 21 and be respected in his community.

Which Lodge do I join?

It is best if you join a Lodge in your local community or where you already have some friends or colleagues who are members.

If you know anyone who is a Mason then just ask him about it, as any Mason will be happy to talk to you about becoming a member of the Fraternity he is proud of.

If you do not know of anyone who can help you join then feel free to send an e-mail to our Lodge Secretary  [] who will be happy to give you information about the locality of Lodges in your area, or how to become a member of Lodge Colinton & Currie No.1029.

Are there any leaflets or information about becoming a Member?

Yes, there is a leaflet which has been produced by Grand Lodge of Scotland which will give information about becoming a member of the fraternity.  This leaflet will sometimes be available from the Lodge Secretary, or you will be able to pick one up from the premises of The Grand Lodge of Scotland at Freemasons Hall, 96 George Street, Edinburgh.  EH2 3DH.