History of Lodge Colinton & Currie

Historical information


Currie is located approx. 7 miles west of the centre of Edinburgh at the bottom of the Pentland Hills and on the banks of the Water of Leith. Located between Juniper Green and Balerno on the road between Edinburgh and Lanark (The Lanark Road) this road was considered important as in the centre of the village was a toll house.

The Armorial Bearings of Currie

The Motto of “Aye Speir an Rede Weel” is in Scots and means “Always Enquire and Counsel Well” – an alternative meaning is “Always Enquire and Guard Well”.

Armorial Bearings of Currie

The earliest proof of a settlement in the Currie area are a Bronze Age razor (1800 BC) found at Kinleith Mill and the stone cists (500 BC) at Duncan’s Belt and

The photograph below shows Currie in 1902 and has been taken looking down Lanark Road with the Toll House locate where in the distance the road narrows.

Currie circa 1900.

Industry with the Currie / Juniper Green Parish consisted of paper making due
mainly to the Water of Leith used for both power and a constant supply of clean fresh

Currie Kirk the spiritual Home of the Community

Currie Kirk

It is reputed that the Kirk has been built on the foundations of the ancient Church of Kinleith dedicated to Saint Kentigern in 1296. The Kirk in its present form dates from 1784, with later alterations in 1791 and the addition of steeple, clock and vane in 1818 Development around the Kirk at that time comprised the manse, school and
some dwellings.

It is believed that the original Currie Brig dates from the 14th century and is significant in history because Dalziel of Binns passed over it in 1666 with his troops to cut off the Covenanters and bring them to battle at Rullion Green. Currie Brig unites the two parts of the village: the Kirk, school, schoolhouse and farms to the south and the farms and settlement on the north bank and along the Lanark Road.

Currie Brig in 1900

Lodge Colinton and Currie

For a considerable time local Freemasons had discussed the desirability of forming a Lodge in the district. The first suggestion came from Brother James Matthew of Corstorphine. Brother Matthew was a former Schoolmaster of Juniper Green.

An inaugural meeting was held on the 25 th of June 1907 that was well attended. The brethren present were drawn from practically every Lodge in the metropolis and one or two Provincial Lodges. Lodge Kirknewton and Ratho No 85 at that time our nearest neighbours being specifically well represented. The necessary formalities being complied with a Petition was raised on the 12 th of July 1907 and presented to The Grand Lodge of Scotland. It is recorded that the Lodge should be opened for the district of the Water of Leith.

Lodge Colinton and Currie was founded in 1907 and was Erected and Consecrated in the Gibson Craig Memorial Hall a photograph is shown below.

Gibson Craig Memorial Hall

Original Office Bearers and Founders Of The Lodge

Office NameName and Address of Office Bearer
MasterBrother T Bennet Clark, C.A., J.P. Past Master of The
Lodge of Holyrood House St Luke Edinburgh No 44
Newmills House Balerno
Depute MasterBrother John A. Forrest, WS Past Master of The Lodge of Holyrood House St Luke Edinburgh No 44,
10, Randolph Place Edinburgh
Brother., George A. Esson
Lymphoy House Balerno
Senior WardenBrother., Ramsay Traquair
4 Fours Street Edinburgh
Junior WardenBrother William S. Malloch
Viewfield, Currie
SecretaryBrother William F. Findlay
Mayfield Juniper Green.
TreasurerBrother George Lisle CA. FFA
Threipwood, Juniper Green
Senior DeaconBrother William Brown,
Junior DeaconBrother, John Alexander,
St Ann’s Juniper Green
Inner GuardBrother Thomas McDonald
Tyrie Place Juniper Green
TylerBrother Marshall Bryce,

At the Regular Meeting of the Lodge of the 27 th of December 1926 the brethren were finally informed that the Lodge had at long last purchased the Temperance Hall and that they had been in contact with the Trustees of the late Brother John A Forrest to claim the £500.00 bequest. The trustees had confirmed that payment of the bequest would be made within the month.

The Lodge met in these premises from 1929 until 1967 because of Road widening on Lanark Road.

The Current Location of the Lodge was constructed and on Sunday the 3 rd of August 1969 at 1pm the brethren assembled to take part in a ceremony of placing the stone containing the number of the Lodge 1029.

The Master Brother Nelson Baillie officiated at the ceremony assisted by his uncle Brother RC (Bertie) Tennant PM. Brother Tennant placed the stone saying “I declare this stone well and truly laid and may the blessing of the Most High rest on all who will labour in the Lodge”

Photograph of Current Lodge Premises

The Lodge was formally Dedicated and Consecrated by the Provincial Grand Master Brother Andrew B. Wright on the 5th of November 1969.

Thus proving Freemasons have contributed to the Currie Community for over 100 years